Neo Puck is a Multiplay Arcade Game which was created during a GameJam hosted by our university. GameJam meant 48h to develop a game in a team from scratch. In this time we discussed the idea, programmed the controls and every behaviour, designed all graphics, included effects and different game modes and also composed the music. After one hell of a weekend version 1.0 was ready to be played. It was a local playable game which seemed to be very amusing.

After this we hosted a server and this website and we are currently trying to sell it on Steam.

Every new version will be announced here, so stay tuned. We also included capabilities to vote for new ideas for our game. So go, check it out!


For all the support and all the ideas!

Please excuse that we are only students who are doing the game development in their freetime. We will never reach the professionalism of other games and our games progression is quite slow. But we are giving our best.

Remke, Felix and Sev

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